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    I wonder if this statement could be illuminated a bit more. In particular, I don't quite follow the argument between the period and the "Thus" I get the no right, no wrong bit, but how do you move beyond that? ... rs_30.html

    "There is no 'right' way or 'wrong' way at the heart of Zazen, nothing to aim for. Thus, please aim for the 'right way'. "


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    Hi Skye,

    In a Zen temple, there are lots and lots of ceremonies and rituals that training monks must learn very precisely. Every placement and movement of hand or foot seems to have a rule, a very complex choreography ... The monk is pushed and pushed to "get it right".

    But, while one strives to do the task "right", it can never be done "right" as there will always be mistakes, unexpected events and little "imperfections". So, it is a model for life in this way.

    While the ceremony or other activity can never be "perfect", it is still "perfectly as it is". And although we can never attain some human idea of "perfection", we yet do not give up and continue seeking do the ceremony as best we can.

    Our Zazen is like this. There is no "bad" Zazen, even the "bad" days in which our minds are cluttered, our legs hurt, we feel out of balance. It is all "good" Zazen, both the "good" and "bad" days ... It is perfectly just what it is.

    Yet, we sit Zazen aiming for a quiet mind, balance and openness. We reject nothing and "aim" by not attempting to achieve anything at all. All thought of "right" and "wrong" dropped even as, from another perspective, we are careful to do things "right".

    I hope that is clearer.

    Gassho, Jundo

    Here is a funny video teasing the Japanese penchant to have a "right way" to do everything ... in this case use chopsticks. It is pretty hilarious ... and true ...


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    I just noticed that I may have misread your comment ...

    between the period and the "Thus"

    Sorry to get it so wrong. Gassho, J

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jundo
    I just noticed that I may have misread your comment ...

    between the period and the "Thus"

    Sorry to get it so wrong. Gassho, J

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    Thank you, Jundo, for that concise and illuminating explanation. It has given me a lot to contemplate over this last week.

    While it did not directly address the question I rather poorly formulated, I think it contained within it a kernel of the answer, which may have actually been more helpful. The view is better when you hike the mountain rather than taking the gondola


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