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    My wife and I have practised yoga in the past.

    Taiső (Japanese stretching) is a part of our regular daily Zen practice.

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    I do some Yoga stretching exercises pretty much every day. That is enough for me right now.

    I am interested in more, but not enough to invest any time or money into it yet.


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    Because of the injuries I sustained in Iraq, I had to stop my martial arts practice. (I was able to keep TaiChiQuan, but found I wasn't able to put enough into it to get a lot of physical benefit. (Great meditative practice, though.)
    I found a local center that teaches Kripalu Yoga, and a teacher willing to take the time to help me get maximum benefit physically as well as mentally from Yoga practice. As a result, I have much more flexibility and range of motion, have lost about 40 pounds, and my respiratory problems (also from the war,) are completely under control.
    yay, Kripalu!

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    Yes, I practice yoga, mostly at home. My most-watched yoga DVD is "Source Power" by Duncan Wong. It offers a lot of variety and it is easy to jump around the option in that one and find what I think I need for particular day. This particular video isn't designed for beginners. But he has another one that is.

    I'll also enjoyed Kripalu yoga with a local instructor.



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    Yeh I looked both the prpoer name and japanss stretching up on google and found nothing. Got any links?

    In gassho


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    Taiső (体操) or (junan taiső 柔軟 体操) is Japanese stretching and breathing exercises.

    Through taiső the muscles and joints are worked to enhance their natural elastic qualities through relaxed stretching exercises. It is quite similar to yoga, but has Japanese specific movements and postures.

    In our little group, before we sit each day, we perform taiső for ten to fifteen minutes, to relax and prepare the body for sitting. Conscious breathing exercises are a part of stretching also. The rhythmic expansion and contraction of the muscles used in breathing helps the circulation of blood and to relax the body. A relaxed and supple body is a healthy and happy body. A healthy and happy body brings about a happy and healthy mind - mind and body are one after all.

    Found plenty of links - all in Japanese though.

    P.S. Ha! Just did a Google search in romaji and came up with these Sumo specific taiső from the Japan Sumo Association, view the PDF files -

    I should add here that Japanese martial traditions each have their own taiső methods.

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    Been doing Bikram Yoga classes for about a month--they've been giving me a lot of energy and helping with my mood and concentration. As a person who has struggled with low energy levels for years, it's always a delight to find something that helps increase my mental & physical energy.

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    Steph, now with more energy! :shock:
    Somehow I doubt that was ever lacking.

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    Ha! You'd be surprised. My mind is almost always a-twirl with a lot of thoughts, but I struggle with a basic tendency toward lethargy and depression. A lot of times my biggest frustration on the cushion is a lack of energy. Which is why some of my clearest sitting periods have come after drinking a Red Bull :lol:

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    i swing between working on the ashtanga primary series and power yoga, depending on how much energy I have. Try to keep a daily routine but haven´t quite found a form that combines well with the back execises my physical therapist gave me last week.

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    I have been doing Iyengara Yoga (Hatha Yoga) for many years now. It is a great accompaniment to my daily Zen practice.

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    I studied Yoga for a while last year, taking classes twice a week for four months.

    Due to my new work schedule it has been hard to continue going to classes.

    I still try to practice at home, but have not been very consistent with it.

    I have just begun taking Okinawan Karate, a good deal of the stretches and conditioning seem to be based on yoga.

    I think it's good to have a physical practice to bring the body and mind together. Also, important for general health, I've let myself get out of shape!!

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