I've been noticing that I have a large amount of ill will pent up inside me. A lot of this stems from certain family relationships or past history. But, a big chunk of it just there simmiring inside . . . and surprises me out of the blue when someone/something triggers it.

I'm trying to recognize this hindrance when it occurs and believe I am getting better at spotting it and changing my behavior.

From a Zen perspective what have you guys done to work with this hindrance. I know that the Theravada tradition teaches Metta/loving kindness meditation techniques. These have been helpful to me. Has anyone else had a positive experience with this? I realize that such an approach is hardly Shikantaza. But for me the real interesting part is, As I start with one of these Theravada/Insight meditation focuses, I eventually end up letting go and having the exact same experience as Zazen. . . However, I do believe there is some significant benefit to the metta work and how it translates into Buddhist ethics training.