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Thread: A Good Weekend

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    A Good Weekend

    Things get rough and stormy sometimes.
    There will be a person who, for some godonlyknows reason, taps into a place within that brings out in you all you have conceptualized as 'worst.'
    This 'worst of times, is the best of times.'
    It is a wonderful time, truly. It is a ripe time, the right time.
    A perfect time for a one day sesshin, a half day sesshin.
    unplug the phone, make some simple food. be quiet. keep quiet. maintain silence
    let the mind be the mind. sit zazen. zazen body. zazen mind.
    nothing to attack
    nothing to defend
    no point
    no counterpoint

    I wish you all a good weekend, in whatever way is clear to you the best way to spend it.


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    from what you say HezB, sounds to me like you'd feel a whole lot better if you blow it out your ass, you could spend the rest of your weekend in a lot less discomfort

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    Have a nice sit and weekend Keishin.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    This thread is officially LULZ (TM) certified.

    HezB, dare I ask: Was the cucumber... a crooked one? :lol:

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    Hi All. I'm on a work trip to London and only now catching up with the goings on. Bless you Keishin. Have a good one.

    Harry, How many times do I have to apologize for the veg in the arse?
    It was just an experimental phase - Jeez!

    Have a good weekend All! I am off for my evening sit.

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