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    A poem I wrote over a year ago and put to simple music. Been itching to re-do and re-phrase some bits to post here but decided to post as it is, a marker in time. As you can guess by the title it's inspired by Uji in the big book

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    Cheers Rev

    I also have the technology to join in any future collaborative projects if you need some didgeridu.

    In gassho, Kev

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    Absolutely, got an idea running through my mind for one as soon as Will and I finish the latest. Unless Will thinks a dige would work in the current tune.

    Then again I may have leaked too much.

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    Ah you're just a tease :wink:

    Well just for referrence I have sticks in C#, D, D#, E, F and F# of various types, but I do have slide didge too :lol:

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    Hi Kev. I'd be happy to work on a song with you. I guess when the next one starts we'll contact you.

    Gassho Will

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