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    Hi Will,

    Everyone of us is full of shit sometimes. Maybe even the Buddha, Bodaidaruma and Ol' Dogen were full of it sometimes.

    Gassho, J

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    Hello Will, and Jundo:
    What you've posted here, Will has come up in various ways at different times.
    My experience of it is this: when you know something, you know it, you just do.
    That is a different experience I have than when I think I know something.
    When I think I know something, sometimes it feels like I know it, but, I come to find out that I didn't, I just thought I did.
    When others offer thoughts, opinions, sometimes I know that what they say they know is really only what they think they know; sometimes I don't.
    One teacher I had used to say that we should listen to what he said as if he were the water fountain next to him (we would sit outside for 'the Buddha Cafe: coffee, tea, and chat about any topic--next to a waterfall/fountain).
    I don't think it is so important to be checking/checking/checking self consciously what comes out of our mouths. I do think it is a good idea to practice non-utterance sometimes: to see that not-saying things doesn't end the thoughts coming through the mind. It is interestiing to have a thought, not say it, and find out later that not-saying it saved me from having to retract or make corrections/apologies later.
    But if it's all a bubbling fountain of water, then it's just sound, pure sound.
    The fountain doesn't sound irritable, angry, or self-conscious--it just goes about it's activity forthrightly, it's not lurking about trying to sound more 'fountain-ish',
    it doesn't retract one splash or a dozen as 'not being the Truth.'
    I like it when I can fully have one opinion in one moment, and fully, with just as much confidence have the opposite opinion in another moment, and realize that I really don't have an opinion at all.
    If what other's say is helpful in any way, then I can be thankful, (and I have had the experience of someone talking shit be helpful, even if it was in a rather circuitous way). if what they are saying isn't helpful in some way, then it's just so much splash splash splash (or blah blah blah) I don't mean to sound disrespectful here--I'm only saying that I don't see the point in 'discussion' sometimes: just let the mind flow, the words flow, the silence flow--what's there to get 'stuck' on?

    I thank you for starting this thread, Will. It helped get some of those passing wooly thoughts of mine corraled long enough to set down here.

    A week from now I might be writing a very different viewpoint on the same topic--but with the same conviction that I KNOW my own mind!!!!! We humans are very entertaining beings, and I'm glad to be one!


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    Hey Will,

    Like Jundo said, what you say is true for all of us. We're all for of shit at one time or another, and some of us are full of more of it than others.

    But where I think practice and sangha help, is exactly why it seems you started this post - you saw that you were full of it. (I'm not saying that everyone saw it the way you did. I didn't think you were full of shit in your postings. I simply saw at as a good, rich discussion on an important and practical issue raised by a member of our sangha. No problems there.) A fruit of our practice is hopefully to see ourselves as we really are as much as possible - mistakes and all. If we can see where we "step off the beam" all the better. Your sangha will be there for support. As I need to remind myself constantly, our practice is about now ... and now ... and now. ... you get the point.


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    Night Will.

    Quote Originally Posted by will
    Yawn. Getting tired. I'm taking this shit to bed. Night.
    Try not to soil your sheets with that shit. :wink:


    PS I still get a kick out of the fact that you are going to bed now and here I am enjoying this Florida morning at 10:00AM. Okay, I'm easily amused.

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    If I added anything, I'd be full of shit.
    Wait... I think this post is too.

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    When full of poop, go poop. Try not to poop on others. try to poop in the appropriate area. Sometimes, we just poop all over ourselves, and that can stink. But if you do poop yourself just remember you can wash away the poop too. Poop can also be useful. It can be a fertilizer.

    I am going to go poop now, or may be I just did, dose it stink?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jun
    To shit or not to shit, that is the question.
    Ah or "drop" the question and just "Doo" (non-"Doo")
    Hmmm... It appears i already chose :roll:

    Were all full of it!


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    I saw a report on TV yesterday about this new trendy restaurant in Taiwan. I guess it's all a matter of taste... :roll:,2 ... 77,00.html


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    I wonder how many times they have to clean up after a really really drunk customer confuses the real toilet and their seat... Or maybe that's builtin functionality, you can have a long feast without having to ever get up and leave the table!

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