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Thread: Another newbie, this time from Danmark.

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    Another newbie, this time from Danmark.


    I am quite new here and quite new to zen. I have started meditating one year ago, but have been interested in Buddhism in a very long time.
    I just didn’t know which path to choose, but it finally came quite naturally. I have been to a Diamond Way Center in Poland, but found the group very confusing and actually a bit controversial. I couldn’t agree with some of their opinions. I was actually shocked.

    I decided to read a little bit more about Buddhism and found a great book “The Compass of Zen” by Seung Sahn which gave me a great introduction to Buddhism in general and had deepened my interest in Zen. I understood that this is my way. I began to look for a Sangha in my area (I live in Denmark now) but the closest one is in Århus (60 km from where I live), and this is still a very informal group with no adherence to any particular school. I decided to look for some help on the Internet and finally found Treeleaf, which I think is so wonderful and exactly what I was looking for.

    I have been introduced to meditation before, as I am Iyengara Yoga student as well and know how to sit in lotus

    I am also a big admire of Thich Nhat Hanh teaching. I find his methods and language very simple and clear.

    So, this would be it. A short introduction.
    I am sure I am going to ask you Jundo, and you guys million of questions soon.
    I hope my english is good enough.

    A bit of personal info: I am 29, educated as a graphic designer and a photographer, working in a printing house and doing freelance work as a photographer. I am sure there will be an opportunity to talk about this later. If anyone is interested.

    Until now, gassho to you all.

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    Re: Another newbie, this time from Danmark.

    Quote Originally Posted by agata
    I have been to a Diamond Way Center in Poland, but found the group very confusing and actually a bit controversial. I couldn’t agree with some of their opinions. I was actually shocked.
    Hello Agata, and welcome again.

    I do not know the Zen group you mention in Poland, but I am curious about what "shocked" you in their opinions. Can you explain a little?

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Welcome agata
    Your english is better than mine and english is all i speak Graphic guy here working for a University in house print shop I find work a good spot for zen... crazy deadlines (usually like 6 different jobs), Frantic clients, panicing co-workers and the boss/bosses after you. I found if im calm cool and collected it trickles through the others! To quote Red Green - Im pulling for you, Were all in this together


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    Hi Agata,

    Welcome -- and thanks for sharing that intro with us.


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    Welcome Agata,

    If you can sit lotus I think you already have a step up on much of us.


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    Hi and welcome! Nice to see more people from this part of the world here.

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    Thank you all for a warm welcome! I have already found a lot of support and understanding and I really hope to learn from you all. I am going to write a reply to another topic that I have started on this forum. Your replies helped me a lot!


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    Welcome to Treeleaf, Agata,


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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Welcome to Treeleaf, Agata,

    Thank you John!

    Both Ireland and Northern Ireland are my favorite countries

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    Quote Originally Posted by HezB
    Diamond Way is a Tibetan lineage (some say a pseudo Tibetan lineage) which seems comfortable with having extreme views on Islam.

    Their 'Guru' (some Western guy who has hung about Tibet for a time and ingratiated himself with some respected Tibetan Gurus) seems to equate Islamic extremism exclusively with Muslims everywhere. Oh, how 'they' mistreat their women, how 'their' values are so out of step with our superior Western ones etc etc etc...

    I've heard they are popular in Eastern Europe no doubt because they have exploited historical tensions and such feelings as outlined above.

    Lama Ole, that's the boss man's name. Now, bask in his wisdom:

    "Nydahl has been accused not only of speaking in a conceited and militaristic way, but also of being right wing, racist, sexist, and hostile to foreigners. His unusual activities (e.g., bungee jumping, fast motor cycles and parachuting) also annoy Buddhists who are not his followers—be they other adherents of the Karma Kagyü school or not." [the latter stuff is fine by me BTW]

    Ole Nydahl is critical of Islam. In one published interview, he said "I have two fears for the world: overpopulation and Islam. Those two things could destroy the world, which could otherwise be a beautiful place." He explains that "the men who suppress women now will probably be the suppressed women in their next life." [ yeah, Tibetan Buddhism has a great record on equal rights for women of course!]

    "... If the people who can see further don't speak, they are shirking their responsibility. I always say, ‘I don't have to be popular, but I must be right.’"

    "... The teacher must act as he speaks. He should also not simply avoid confrontational subjects but point out the causes of future trouble like overpopulation in ghettos and poor countries, and the growth of Islam. If a teacher always tells sweet nothings he is not protecting his students. He must be willing to offend some. This is his responsibility."

    "... Imagine the relief if one could visit Africa and meet healthy, free and educated people like in our societies today?"

    The problem I have with 'engaged Buddhism' is when it is engaged to BS like what this idiot spouts. A Tibetan protector demon will probably crap down my chimney for saying that.


    That was it. You described it precisely Harry.

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    Hi, agata! Pretty name. May your stay here be fruitful.

    In Gassho~


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    Welcome aboard!


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