Hi. I’m Janice. I’ve been participating in the Leaf’s “sit-a-long” for several months. During this time I have also been reading books in both the Soto Zen and Shin Buddhist traditions.

With Jundo’s recent talks on the Genjo Koan, I was eager to know more. So this weekend I’ve been reading “To Meet the Real Dragon” and “A Heart to Heart Chat on Buddhism with Old Master Gudo.” I was intrigued by the way Nishijima frames the first three sentences of the Genjo Koan as illustrative of three points of view (idealism, materialism, and realism) and Nishijima’s belief that the same framework can be used in understanding the Four Noble Truths.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more by interacting with you via this online sangha.

-- Janice