Hi all,

I hope you are all well.

I just thought I'd post an introduction as I'm new to the Treeleaf Zendo, and the forums.

So, hi I'm John, 24 and live in the UK. I've been studying Soto Zen Buddhism for around 2 years now, sitting on average 30-45 minutes every day. About 6 months ago I became aware of Gudo Nishijima, his teachings and the Dogen Sangha... long, long story short after reading a whole bunch of books, blogs etc I finally found Jundo's Treeleaf Zendo and so far his daily netcasts have been a great deal of help to me.

The teachings of Dogen and the focus of shikantaza zazen have always struck a chord with me and help me everyday in every aspect of my life, so naturally finding a sangha like this one has been a great comfort to me. Where I currently live there aren't many Zen groups I can sit with without traveling a few hours to get there (and that's not easy to do with a full-time job), and there is little to no possibility of instruction from a teacher. Anyway, I'll cut my ramble short and just say:

I look forward to sitting with you all and learning from and with you.

Be well,