Thought I would introduce myself. I was happy to read about this sangha in the Tricycle blog as I have been looking for a way to hook up with a buddhist community over a distance. I live in an area quite free of sanghas and the ones I might visit from time to time request fees which I, combined with travelling costs, cannot muster.

I'm quite new to regular practice. I've only really decided to commit to a buddhist path the last three months though I've been listening to dharma talks perhaps the last three years and before that had a passing interest in meditation the past 12 years or so.

Here at Treeleaf Zendo I hope to find a community within which to deepen my practice.

I do a lot of voluntary work in organisations concerned with discrimination issues and am quite passionate about it, perhaps a bit too much. In part, that is what has brought me to metta practice.

All the best,