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Thread: Hello all from a new member

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    Hello all from a new member

    Hello all,

    My name's Chris and I live in Texas. I'm new to meditation, but am a dedicated practicioner of yoga and hiking (which is what brought me to explore Zazen I guess

    I just purchased Opening the Hand of Thought and plan to participate in the discussions.

    You all have an incredible community here, and I'm looking forward to practicing with you all.


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    Welcome aboard!


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    Hi Chris! Welcome! Where in TX are you located? I have a grandson in Nolanville but couldn't even begin to tell you where that is... :? My son was stationed at Ft. Hood for awhile...hence, grandson etc.

    In Gassho~


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    Hey Chris, where in Texas? I'm originally from San Antonio, where store entrances would post a sign stating "Se habla Ingles." Welcome.

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    Thank you for welcome!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome . . . I'm near Dallas.

    Lynn, sure I've heard of Nolanville. It's in Central Texas. And louis -- San Antonio's one of my favorite cities (anyone who has never been should definately visit San Antonio's Riverwalk sometime).

    As for me -- No hablo español

    Thank you all again. I'm sure I'll have many questions for you in the days to come.


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    I'm originally from San Antonio
    Hey Louis! I lived there for over 10 years. Got married in the Church in La Villita and had my reception in the Holiday Inn on the River Walk. My parents still live there. I tell ya, San Antonio is growing like mad.

    Hi Chris and welcome!

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    Hi Chris,

    Welcome, see you around in the book club.


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    Hello Chris, and welcome.

    Who is Niki?


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    Welcome Chris!

    I spent a few months in San Antonio in the fall of 1986. I was there for Army combat medic training at Ft. Sam Houston. Went to basic training at Ft. Bliss in El Paso. I much preferred San Antonio (of course, in a non-preferential, Buddhist sort of way! :wink: )

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