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    Thank you for replying to my question on the first Great Vow,your comments are deeply appreciated.Perhaps,Jundo,when you have the time,you could discuss the four Great Vows with the sangha.
    Three bows to all

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    You know, Malcolm--if you look on the Treeleaf Forum Index, and go to page 5 of the index of all the community forum listed--there is one thread called Saving All Beings (or something similar) started by Keith and there is 4 Great Vows and their variations in which different translations of the vows are given.

    You might find them of interest.

    It is fun to go among the catacombs of the back pages. Some topics just seem to come up on a regular basis.

    One of the aspects of the design of this site, which I like, is that it is possible to pick up an old thread and start it afresh.

    Happy hunting!

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