Those newbies seem to be multiplying and here is another one. I’m Michael C. currently residing in Southern California.
I began meditating back in the 70’s with TM. And continued through the 80’s. After reading “The Art of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rimpoche and a few books by HH Dalai Lama, the right side of my brain prevailed and I began self study of Tibetan Buddhism with a few lessons from a Tibetan Lama. But as I continued studying without a “guru” the more complicated it became for my simple self. I continued meditating. Forward about 10 years and here I am.
As a full time caregiver to an elderly parent in throws of medium level dementia; therefore I am restricted from traveling too far, for Zen instruction. After a little research, I discovered the Dogen Sangha Blog by Gudo Nishijima and of course Jundo’s Treeleaf Sangha. I have a lot to learn, especially the Japanese terminology.
Impressed by all of your comments I feel a little intimidated by the wealth of experience written here. I am a bit introverted but a good listener. Thank you, Jundo.

Michael C.