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    Those newbies seem to be multiplying and here is another one. I’m Michael C. currently residing in Southern California.
    I began meditating back in the 70’s with TM. And continued through the 80’s. After reading “The Art of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rimpoche and a few books by HH Dalai Lama, the right side of my brain prevailed and I began self study of Tibetan Buddhism with a few lessons from a Tibetan Lama. But as I continued studying without a “guru” the more complicated it became for my simple self. I continued meditating. Forward about 10 years and here I am.
    As a full time caregiver to an elderly parent in throws of medium level dementia; therefore I am restricted from traveling too far, for Zen instruction. After a little research, I discovered the Dogen Sangha Blog by Gudo Nishijima and of course Jundo’s Treeleaf Sangha. I have a lot to learn, especially the Japanese terminology.
    Impressed by all of your comments I feel a little intimidated by the wealth of experience written here. I am a bit introverted but a good listener. Thank you, Jundo.

    Michael C.

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    Welcome aboard!


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    Welcome, Michael. Please add whatever you like to the discussions...don't be shy.

    In Gassho~


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    Hi Michael,

    Just sit, not thinking this or that, good or bad, beginning or end.

    That will be a good beginning.



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    Hi Michael,

    It's great to have you here - welcome.


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    Welcome Micheal!

    Given what you've told us about your present situation, I anticipate learning much from you. Also my experience is that the group is a friendly lot. If in doubt about sharing your 2 cents, take a look at the backspace [del] thread in the forum. Dirk was kind enough to share his thoughts on this.

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    I have been thinking for awhile that I need to put together an "Intoduction to "Just Sitting" Zazen Practice" online, and a general orientation, probably as a special series of talks on the Netcast and some suggested readings. So, I hope all the "new folks" (we are all "new folks", right?) will wait a few days or so and I will get to work on it.

    Always a new something to do in getting Treeleaf running!

    In the meantion (to repeat myself) ...

    Just sit, not thinking this or that, good or bad, beginning or end.

    That will be a good beginning.

    Gassho, Jundo

    PS- Lynn, love the new glamour shot picture!

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    A very warm welcome from Germany.



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    Hi Michael and welcome to Treeleaf


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    Welcome Michael! The leaf is an enjoyable spot.


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    Hello and Welcome.


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    Welcome Committee

    Thank you all for the warm welcoming greetings this past week.

    A deep ojigi to each of you.

    michael c

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