hi all!

I have been having the darnedest time posting lately. Not that i cannot type or the like (well i cant spell worth a !@#$ but thats somethjing lese), but i keep writing replies or new topics. carefully editing them, reading them, re-reading them... then deleting them. :?

Now I think I keep deleting them because i fight with my intentions for posting or... hmm fight is the wrong word here. i question my self until i delete it. Not that the subjects are not interesting/useful or the like or that i dont have anything to say... more like... "Okay dirk, your replying with your opinion/view/comments on someones experience/observation or opinion at this moment, Can i add anything more than 'I...' ? - no?" so it gets tossed.

Also, You all have such wonderful insights/comments and personal angles already shared by the time ive come up with something, that, what ever I had/could have written, had been already posted (and much more coherently) or what i was thinking was way out in left field... so rather than chiming in late with my patented "What they said..." type comments, I delete.

Now for me im acutually finding this to be a healthy excersice. I generally open mouth and think later :| And Besides my comments are just thoughts at that moment... only written out, they change disperse and dissapear in the next moment anyways

Ive been keeping up with the sit-a-longs, but still not sitting enough -Darned holidays (started to post about this earlier but deleted it!!), im waiting on my copy of Opening the hands of thought, should be late next week when i get it, and so i will be sharing more i hope...

I learn alot from you all i just needed to let you know that im trying to give some back and I just wanted to share my little experience.

So this post is a post to say that i cannot post
WOW im CURED!!! :lol:

Well its snowed over 3 feet in the last few days so i got me some more Samui Sumu (i love snow days!!!)