Hello everyone,

I am a new forum member, writing from Denmark.
I've practiced meditation for some years now. Got started with zen in Spain, lived three months in Jiko An and even tried the Japanese trip but my anarchists ideas and my questioning of authority left me no place in that tradition.
Then J. Krishnamurti, Yoga, and finally Theravada where I found the theoretical bagground for my practice which always has been centered around sitting meditation.
Though I knew of treeleaf zendo before it is now I have decided to get involved with you. I have been in a 4 days lonely retreat and there I was virtually pushed to Hongzhi's silent illumination teachings so I wanted to know more about Dogen's shikantaza.
I won't be mixing any teachings, nor comparing, nor trying to show you how much I do (not) know. My sole purpose is to explore meditation as taught in this open and accessible group and see how deep I can get in this exploration with you.
I'm waiting my copy of Opening the hand of thought so I can get to work!!

I look forward having a rich dialog with you