After a short time of sitting I have noticed that sometimes there is a change to the way I generally approach every day things. For example I drive slower, can stand in line at the checkout comfortably and not be bothered if little problems occur. As you may guess I have been known to be a little impatient.

A problem with this is I like to rock climb and mountain bike. Now when I climb or ride I tend to take fewer risks on the iffy bits. If Iím riding down a steep path and there are rocks I slow down and even sometimes get off the bike. If Iím climbing I will attempt easier routes and in some cases climb down rather than push on harder. Some people might see these changes as good things, which they sort of are, but they are not good for these activities. Do I now take up knitting?

The main reason Iím posting this is to see if other people have been affected in this way or if there is a way to switch? Maybe I should be grateful Iíve got this far pretty much unscathed and just sit more? Perhaps it has nothing to do with sitting and I'm just changing? Any tips or opinions welcome.

Happy new moment, whenever it happens for 2008