I received a gift from my son at Christmas of a Neil Young documovie entitled Heart of Gold. It documents a ten day production of a concert at the legendary Ryman theater in Nashville of Young's Prairie Wind music as well as some of his oldies. Outstanding is my comment and worth the time of viewing. Those of you who love acoustic guitars as much as I do will find the section on "old guitars" worth the price of admission.
The reason I am putting this on our site is the nascent Zen Buddhist comments made by young during an informal interview. He states, When I was 20, I was big. As I have grown older, I find that I am growing smaller. Today at 56 I feel like a am a leaf on a river, floating downstream. I am so much a part of everything. His peacefulness and joy is visable throughout this ten day event. Might be worth checking out if you enjoy such music.
It was a great gift from my son who is a musician and resonates with Young's theory of creativity and spirit.
David aka PapaDoc