Hello everyone. It is very good to meet you all.

My name (in the real world) is Topher, since I was tired of everyone using the same part of my name that I did. (Christopher. They can have the first half, I'll take the second.) I am a massage therapist in training from Albany, Oregon. I am also beginning to take flight lessons, and just starting a new job at the local airport. What can I say, I love flight.

The closest Zendo to my home is about an hour drive, and between classes, work, my wife and our dogs, I have never gotten a chance to visit. As such, my zen learning is primarily out of books. That's fine most of the time, but getting advice when I feel lost is a Good Thing.

I don't tend towards forums, although this one has drawn me in quite a bit so who knows... If I disappear for a while, it's probably due to a lack of time.

Well, enough rambling from me... Talk to you all later.