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Thread: What people can do

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    What people can do

    I'm pretty sure...that anyone has the capablitlity to do any skill. If someone is good at translating, music, writing etc. This does not really mean they have a special talent. They have learn't, practiced and studied in their chosen field; mixed with various environments and experiences throughout their life, culminates in their thinking and personality. If this is the case then we can see(especially in todays technologically advanced society) that we really aren't that different you and I. Whether you are paralyzed or fully functioning.

    We all probably recieve compliments now and then. I know I do. "Wow. Your so good at that." or "You look good today." or "Your such a good...". "How do you...?"
    Are these really necessary? This comes from a recent experience I had. There is someone who likes to play music. So I invited them over to my place. I showed them how I make music etc. He really couldn't get past the fact that I made this music by myself. Come on. So I showed him how I made it etc... then it dawned on me that everyone "is" really capable of doing any task if given the proper environment and such.

    So. We have a Baker. The best Baker in the world. Better than any other baker, but we could be that baker too (if need be)

    I guess in the past, for example: a violin maker, would choose students in whom he saw potential. Well...that potential is in each and every person I think; that goes for practice as well.

    Later Gator
    G, W

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    Lovely thought, Will, it 'feels' true.

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    Nice point Will, I think we need to have the interest and passion, as well as access to proper training . . . but it is amazing what we humans can accomplish if we focus ourselves fully into something.

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    Re: What people can do

    Quote Originally Posted by will
    I'm pretty sure...that anyone has the capablitlity to do any skill.
    I've long thought so too. I am sure that one can excel in anything they have to motivation and interest to practice. But that's exactly what it takes to become good in something new, interest. Of course there are certain born-in qualities you just cannot gain by practice (decided by genetics), but that doesn't mean you cannot be above average and really good at something.

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    To a point I agree, but even though we can train ourselves to technical aptitude in any skill there is something missing that the very best have.

    For example, since we all love music, anyone can learn to play guitar, but not everyone can play just like Will. Every song that Will writes and plays contains something that is an undeniable Will-ness.

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    Perhaps you missed that part Rev. The point was: it is not "Will" who is playing guitar, but the culminated thoughts and feelings created from Will's experience and environment throughout his life. Will is not a teacher. Will is not musician. These are only titles given for things we can do. If we empty Will, what then will he become? You may disagree; however we all have the potential, I think. And that's not an ideal.

    However; no one else, maybe, has the shape of Will's fingers.

    Have a great day.

    Gassho Will

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    Never seen your fingers that I recall.

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    Sorry. Don't have a camera handy. Definitely wouldn't make a great hand model.


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    "What one man can do, another man can do."

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