I keep coming back to the slogans taught by Atisha Dipankara, who brought the complete Bhodichitta teachings to Tibet in the eleventh century.
Among the precepts he taught were these:
1) FIRST train in the preliminaries
2) Regard all Dharmas as dreams.

and # 19) All Dharmas agree at one point.

It seems to me that the very man who brought Tibet the teachings they've embraced taught in no uncertain terms that we should major in the majors and minor in the minors, and that any time the teaching becomes the object of veneration rather than its subject, one has traded Dharma and truth for a "religious" counterfeit. If that was the goal, Bussha could have achieved enlightenment through his austerities rather than through nothingness.
THEREFORE, Tibetan Buddhism (as presented by E-Sangha) has utterly missed its own mark. Their own earliest teachings taught the core of Zen... which they've rejected in favor of religion.