Gassho All!
With Jundo's Okay I have setup an Treeleaf IRC channel on for all to use.
First off the irc channel #treeleaf is simply a supplementary tool to the forum. A way, for those that choose to use it, to carry on disscussions, in a slightly less formal envioronment. In no way is this to compete with the forum, more to add to it. A way for all of us to speak freely as we do, in realtime with each other, one on one etc. Same rules of conduct apply there, we can talk about "almost" any thing...

For those familiar with IRC (internet chat relay) all you need to know is:

The channel: #treeleaf
The server:

For those not too familiar with IRC* here is some information to get you started:
(* those who are not and would like to try it out please feel free to contact me directly and i will gladly help you out via private message on the forums here, MSN, email... mental telepathy )

First off: IRC =Internet Chat relay=
irc allows multiple users to chat in real time together. It is an older techology that was generally left to the very geeky buddhas IRC requires the user to have a client to join the chat. The clients available are many and cover all possible operating systems. each will require a bit of configuration but nothing that is any harder than filling in some information.

Here is a list of clients (with links to download) for various operating systems(this list is abit dated; mac users will find that due to OS X's Unix underpinnings, they can use some of the unix clients)

here is a lovely breif but useful instruction on configuring and using irc, the insturction is for a specific windows client but most the idea is the same for all clients:

More information for those new to irc aswell:
(from the same source as above is posted)

At most any time if anyone needs help, i will gladly lend a hand as needed to the best of my ability

Dirk (aka Geeky McNerdenhiemer)