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Thread: Samui Samu!!

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    Samui Samu!!

    Here in New Brunswick (yesterday) we had nearly 2 feet of snow drop in 12 hours. I spent my "snow day" - work was canceled - working 2x as hard shoveling the driveway (our gent that plows for us had his truck show its impermance :B).

    Now we do not have a castle on top of a hill with 3 miles of drive to clear but none the less its a daunting task. I used that 3 hours of shoveling like a samu period, worked away at it with out thinking "UUUUGG this is going to take for ever" etc. Half a shovel load at a time, since i knew i had all day or longer to complete. I just took it easy. 2 hands on the shovel (hehe doesn't work well otherwise) and i actually enjoyed it. Despite the howling winds and constant snow in the face... i noted this when i was all done... i was frosty the zen-man?

    Anywho no point to that i guess, just saying "hey thats cool" :B

    Samui* Samu!!

    Here is a couple of pics of our place around 7am yesterday (the snow was starting to subside then) oh and one from sunday for reference sake... i had just put up the "X"mas lights and took the shot so i could show my wife what they looked like (it was too cold for her to go look- funny thing was it wasn't too cold for ME to put them up LOL -20C [ -4 F])

    before the storm:

    and after:


    *Sumui = cold tks to J for that tidbit

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    Can't see the pic, but I used to love shovelling snow. We don't get much of it here and no drive way.


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    Oh sorry will i know why ill fix it right now ... There all done. My apologies.


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    Very cool! Send some of that down my way, eh? All we're getting here is wind with nothing to show for it. I'll take snow any day! Rawr! :P

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    Shoveling is good exercise, and sounds like it can be good practice too!

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    We've had snow in NJ now a couple times already this year, enough to shovel. We had an ice storm too. Think it's gonna be a hairy winter.

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    You might appreciate Billy Collins's poem "Shoveling Snow with Buddha." You can read it at



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    Thanks Krid. Quite a bit of snow there. Snow angels anyone? Or...snow buddhas?? :roll:


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    Snow buddhas hehe! theyd look cool all lit up by those chri -er... Rohatsu lights (um yeah... totally representative of Buddha's Enlightenment)

    Thanks for sharing that poem Ben! im going to share that with a few friends of mine.

    This year (as it is every year) is being touted to be a tough winter. I think our news casting friends like to keep us freaked out a bit

    Anywho we're set to get some more tonight and tomorrow once it warms up...yeah its to cold to snow right now!??!? :lol


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