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Thread: Meditation at work

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    Meditation at work

    They've started a new program at the hospital I work at, it's pretty cool. They are holding a formal meditation class/period everyday at 11am in the chapel. I went down during my break to participate, I pretty much just blocked out the teacher's guided meditation, and did Zazen. But, regardless it seems like a pretty good thing.

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    Oh thats very nice indeed!


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    That's great. A school near me started getting in therapists to give head masages/reflexology in the dinner time for a small fee but it was popular.

    Some schools over here in the Uk that are trying to introduce relaxation/meditation into the curriculum for kids (and the teachers :lol: )

    I was a primary school teacher before I left due to health problems and used to incorporate a few minutes of breathing/visualisation into our days to clam the little monkeys down, very effective, but you always get the odd one!


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    Sounds like a good opportunity for you Greg.


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    Hi everyone,

    Relatedly, at work I kept talking to a friend of mine about meditation so we decided to start a sitting group of our own on campus. We meet once a week in the chapel here at school and we usually have two or three students show up to sit with us. I like doing this . . . it feels like a way of creating a Zen presence on campus without proselytizing. I urge others to start groups if at all possible. I'm the only one in my group that is committed to daily sitting practice, but somehow being around others in practice still helps.


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    Yes, I think its a pretty good opportunity to do a little Zazen in the middle of the workday. We'll see how often I have the time the sneak away, I just accepted a promotion at work and will have a bit more on my plate, but things will work out I'm sure.

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    Nice Bill. My friend and I are actually sitting together on Sunday mornings. She just started about a month ago. She just said one day that she started sitting. Cool. I told her to check out the Sangha, but she's "AFRAID! TOO MANY FORIEGNERS" That's something that happens in Japan and China sometimes. Luckily my students have me to "preach" to them about it.


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