Hi folks,

I've been hanging out here and sitting with Jundo for a while and really like this place.

I'm very new to Zen having grown up Catholic (even going to Catholic schools) with the typical lapse followed by agnosticism. I work with someone who has been practicing for at least a decade so I've been trying to pick his brain but it was through sitting with Jundo that I realized that I'm never going to not-achieve my non-goal any other way than sitting.

That was pretty tough for me being an academic scientist. If I start analyzing and rationalizing things, just give me a cyber smack up the side of my head and I'll get better. Oh, and I'm still very ignorant but I'm a good sport.

Let's see, what else. I'm married and have an 11 year old daughter who is already starting to act like a teenager ("Mom, you're embarrassing me!"). My husband grew up Southern Baptist and my daughter stays with the grandparents for a month every summer. When she comes back, I spend about a month deprogramming her.....just kidding....I think.

Well, there it is.