The last couple of years as I have been leaving my teenage years and moving into adulthood I have become more and more disillusioned with Christmas. It's insanity. And this year is worse than ever. It's no longer Happy Christmas, but Happy Business.

This year the inevitable talks of what to get each other for Christmas have come and I couldn't help to express my distaste at the stupidity of it (baring in mind this started at the beginning of November). I'm not a Christmas scrooge, I love getting together with my family, have a laugh and play some homemade games. I don't celibrate Chistmas in the religious sense, but I think it's a great opportunity to do the things mentioned above, whatever day it's called. It's buying all the presents that's rediculous.

From the start I said to everyone who asked that I don't want anyone to buy me anything and I won't be buying anything for other people. This has mostly brought really strange looks, like I'm some weirdo, yet I can't understand why. My Grandma said she will give me some money instead then, I said no get me nothing. From the looks I have got, it's like other people see the senselessness of it too, but they've done it for so many years it's as if they're incapable of thinking about these things in a clear way and how much suffering it causes to themselves and others. Chistmas is just one example of limitless other similar things of which we are prone to and which causes needless suffering in our everyday lives.

I also saw a trailer for a film called 'What Would Jesus Buy', I'd like to see this, but I think it's only going to be shown in select places in the US.

I know none of this is a question as such and I have difficulty explaining in a clear way what I really mean. How do others deal with Christmas each year?