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    Kukai Myoe


    Hello everyone.(Never been good at introductions. :roll: ) My name is Kukai* & I am just another e-sangha refugee. :lol: I just joined after learning of Treeleaf Zendo due to the Sutra thumping melodrama.

    My own background is based in several paths. Hinduism, Sufi, Unitarianism, & Buddhism. Primarily though, my training was in the Sufi tradition with my teachers, Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi (Lex Hixon) & Shaykha Fariha of the Ashki-Jerrahi Sufi Order. Shaykh Nur practiced several faiths including Buddhism. So, my interest in Dharma really sprang from his writings & inspiration. My practice has been primarily Shingon-shu, but I am eager to learn more of Soto-shu. Looking forward to meeting everyone, & beginning the daily practice here. Gassho.


    *My birth name is James. So you can call either James, Kukai, Myoe or hey you. I'm flexible. :lol:

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    Hey Kukai!

    Welcome to TZF. I'm new here myself.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi! Have some tea!

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    Hi Kukai,

    I'm also a new member.



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    Kukai Myoe
    Thanks to everyone for the welcome. Gassho.

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    Hey Kukai,

    What part of Louisiana are you from? I grew up in Livingston Parish (Walker to be exact).


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    Welcome aboard!


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    Hey Kukai,

    Welcome to Treeleaf!


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    Kukai Myoe
    Thanks. I really like the community & approach here.

    Rev. R,

    I live in Lafayette right by the University. Livingston Parish isn't far from here at all. Now the real irony is that you live in Baltimore. I used to live in the DC area myself. Specifically, Fairfax, Va. and Silver Spring, Md. for about 20 years.

    Life just gets stranger the older I get. lol


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    I know a few people located around "The Flat"

    I've been in Baltimore for about 5 years now. I kinda like having four seasons instead of two.

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    Hello, Kukai, and welcome!

    Hey, did y'all get any rain down there (in the South) yet???



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