Hello All,

I would just like to share this. It appears that I am today banned at E-Sangha for certain postings critical of their rules that "one must not question rebirth".

Please see the email I received, and my response (below). Furthermore, you may wish to read the entire thread.

http://www.lioncity.net/buddhism/index. ... opic=58952

We have no secrets here at Treeleaf. Of course, if someone is operating a forum on Tibetan Buddhism or Soto Zen Buddhism or Catholicism, then they have the right to limit discussion to Tibetan doctrine, Master Dogen or the Trinity (I mean, Treeleaf is pretty much about 'Shikantaza' and Master Dogen as it is a Soto Zen Sangha).

However, if someone purports to be facilitating a public forum open to all Buddhists, and to have one category within it open to discussion of "Soto Zen Buddhism", then I suggest that they may not impose their personal view onto discussion there.

Gassho, Jundo


I just received this unbelievable message from the "Voice of the Buddha" ...

Dear Member jundotreeleaf,

This is just a reminder to please be familiar with and abide by all forum rules, and especially note the following:

3) Membership is open to those who seek to learn and discuss Buddhist
principles and traditions. It is not an arena for those who lack
goodwill and those who defame the Dharma.

4) While it is acknowledged that levels of understanding of the Dharma
will vary among members, and that all will have their own beliefs about
it, certain doctrines such as karma, post-mortem rebirth and not-self,
are held to be core teachings by all Buddhist traditions. Members are
free to privately disagree with these teachings, or to discuss and ask
questions about them, but not to denigrate them or deny that they were
taught by the Buddha.

Equating that belief in rebirth is superstition or not Buddha Dharma and suggesting that Buddha was not enlightened and was merely a human and fallible teacher is not in accordance with out Board Guidelines.

Be Well,

Dorje Shedrub
Board Guidelines, Today, 04:27 AM
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Venerable Sir,

I will remind you that I am an ordained, fully kosher Soto Zen Priest posting exclusively to the Soto Zen Buddhist board and no place else. Please keep you Honorable Personage within your own Respected Tradition. Furthermore, I am not doing anything more than professing my view of what the Buddha taught (and the view of many Soto Zen priests in the West). The Buddha taught Truth.

You, sir, are not he final word on what the Buddha taught, nor on the tenets of Soto Zen Buddhism.

So, if you wish to blackball, ban or censor me, please do so at this point.

By what right do you accuse me of "Defaming the Dharma?" Who made you the Judge of the Dharma?

You are not running a church, you are operating a public forum for civil discussion on Buddhism. If this is a discussion limited to the tenets of Tibetan and certain Ch'an sects, please change the name. I suggest you respect the tenets of Soto Zen Buddhism. If you intent to ban me, please do right now and in public.

Fundamentalism rears its head in all quarters, and civil discussion becomes impossible.

Gassho, Jundo Cohen