Hi all!
My name's Karl. I'm new to this site, and relatively new to Buddhism. I grew up a Christian- Dutch Reformed, to be exact, which is like Presbyterianism without all the fervor and excitement.
After serving as a member of a US Army convoy team in Iraq, I found my way to Unitarianism, and from there, about a year and a half ago, slowly worked my way into Mahayana.
Iraq changed my life in a number of ways, mainly by way of a neck injury that makes service impossible. I am now a massage therapist, and also work in a physical therapy clinic. I figure after spending all my adult life as a soldier, re-training my hands to heal and my mind toward compassion has just GOT to be good karma.
I have four kids, a 20 year old in the US Air Force, and 3 girls, 16, 5, and 3.
A stressed out combat vet, with three daughters and a son overseas. NO ONE needs to sit daily more than I do. This site, the "sitting room," Jundo's teaching, and "lurking" here reading you good folks' posts has been healing and grounding for me more than I can express.
Good to be here, and I hope to "meet" you all.