Just another experience related to Jundo's Eightfold path V an Krid's comment.

I missed a class last week because forgot about it. About 2 months ago I would have been kicking myself about it. Worrying if I would get fired, which probably wouldn't happen. You know all the usually anxiety that we feel from messing something up. That day I realized that I was late, got dressed, grabbed my material and went straight to the class. There was no feeling of anxiety, just the knowledge that I made a mistake. I didn't kick myself about it. Mistakes happen, of course; we know it's our reponsibility, but life must go on. And so it does. BTW all the students were gone when I got there except one. Previously, I would have felt very guilty about what I did and the student would feel uncomfortable, but that time I just accepted it and whatever concequences that may arise. She asked me why I was late. I said I forgot. A good example for her maybe. In China students, usually, have the tendency to view their teachers as more than what they are. This comes from Confucianism. So anyway, I got on with the rest of my day.

I have that class in an hour. Not going to be late today. Would like to sleep, didn't sleep much last night, but nope. My alarm isn't working.

Reeally would like to sleep. Hello pillow.

Anyway, point being that all the beating myself up is not necessary. Everyone makes mistakes and if you don't, are you truly human? Just get on with it. Whatever it may be. Dare I quote Nike??

This of couse would, possibly, never have happened without this practice.

I must also thank my students for worrying about my state of health as apposed to getting angry about it.

Anyway, and blah blah blah...

Gassho Will