When do you all sit? Early morning, high noon, late night? and do you find it better, say in the early morning that high noon?

I ask because i was under the impression that early morning was best.
I am sure there is a personal preference as well as real life time constraints to be considered in some cases. Truth be told, im a terrible morning person (very groggy and clumbsy and bit bear-ish)... I get up very early because i must. I travel a bit to work (25km) and i don't even take time for coffee until i reach work (part of my quit smoking regiment of changing other habits) Any who... im up @ 5:50 Am and on the road by 6:30 or 6:45am (depends on the little one there) (if im not out the door by this time ill turn into pumpkin... or worse.. be late for work ) I currently sit @ lunchtime here @ work for 20mins and for half an hour or more @ home from 10pm or 11pm (i cannot get to bed any earlier then 10pm thru the week due to family matters).
I want to know if its worth reseting my mental alarm clock for even earlier :B