Hi all.

I finished the recorded retreat a few hours ago. I want to thank everyone for making it happen. It was a nice motivation to know that so many of you had already done this retreat. About midway through my legs were screaming at me to stop, but knowing that others had pushed through it helped me do it too.
I made a laughable mess of the protocol for oryoki. I kept forgetting to gassho and I started eating before I was supposed to . . . stuff like that. It was pretty funny.
Like when I exercise sometimes, there was a point in the middle where I "hit the wall" and thought "I would love to just stand up and rest my back and legs." However, I managed to get away from that and, like running, I soon caught a second wind and finished with less pain in my legs than during the middle.
By the end of the day the 'snowglobe' (thanks for that metaphor Jundo) was more settled than I have ever experienced in zazen.

My thanks to Jundo, Keith, et al . . . my thanks to all who helped and participated.