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Thread: Sangha fun: 3PM, November 14

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    Sangha fun: 3PM, November 14

    Hi all!

    I was wondering what our individual dharmas look like so I thought this might be a fun way to share our slices of life.

    Whatever you are doing, wherever you are at 3PM tomorrow, November 14, take a photo. Then, post it to this thread. Doesn't matter whether you're using a regular camera or cell phone or whathaveyou.

    If you need help uploading photos email me.



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    Hi Lynn,

    Is that 3pm in whatever timezone someone is in?

    Gassho, J

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    I love this idea! I'll post my pic tomorrow.

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    Hi all..

    Yes, this means just take it whenever 3PM hits your part of the universe.

    I'll try to do this periodically and would love to do one where we are all snapping at the "same" moment regardless of time zones! I'll have to apply a little brainpower to that.

    Sorry...I thought I'd posted this reply earlier but I must have hit a blank spot in the tape!

    Have Fun! Looking forward to seeing your extraordinary ordinary lives!



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    that's me making software for my graduation thesis.

    usally i'm more smiling

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    3pm - Working in my cube in downtown Austin, Texas.

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    By spd901, shot with KODAK Z740 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA at 2007-11-14

    3PM means I'm workin'!

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    Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I cannot produce the former, so maybe I will go with the latter... or at least a greatly abridge version.

    At 3pm taday I was sitting in a multi-media lecture hall listening to a talk on the moral implications of genetic privacy with regard to upcoming advancements in biotechnology. Its more interesting than it sounds. The walls were blue and my chair was forest green.

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    Don't mention the war.

    Three o'clock. Just a random view from an office window at my place of work. What you are looking at is in fact, ahem, a WWII concentration camp.

    This is the Adlerwerke, the buildings in the rear accommodated a total 1600 prisoners from all over the continent who built tanks from 1944 until the end of war. Most of them died due to cold, hunger, air raids and during the evacuation. The entire courtyard (which you do not see to the right) has been turned into a huge memorial – forbidden ground.

    I‘ve been thinking about some Zen gibberish on impermanence, memory and the like. Bullshit – there is just stuff before your eyes. Sometimes sad, always wonderful stuff.


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    3PM: the dharma of returning home from the ER This is the "cutting of the bracelet" ceremony. :?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn
    3PM: the dharma of returning home from the ER This is the "cutting of the bracelet" ceremony. :?
    Hi Lynn,

    Were you ill? I hope it was a small emergency.

    Gassho, J

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    Hi Jundo...

    Sort of small. Kidney stone related. Very low on the fun scale, but all part of life. All is well.



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    approximately 3pm.. 65 degrees fahrenheit - walking in cuyahoga falls, ohio.

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    Lynn - take care.. hope you are feeling better. - jeff

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    November 15 for me. That pretty much what I saw at that moment.


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    sangha fun

    Hello all!
    I'm back at work and things are full tilt. I'm checking in here about every 3-4 days and so I'm missing some pretty neato stuff--like the 3pm 'come as you are/where you are' party. What a fun idea! Haven't done more than just quickly glance over the photos--the woods drew me in--and Lynn YIKES kidney stones are such a pain!
    Please make sure you are hydratred (it helps--somewhat)!

    gassho and out

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    Where I was at 3pm ...

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    @ 3pm i was still trying to find a camera to take a picture

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    Hmm, I think I was having a look at this site at the time: :lol:


    p.s. Lynn: I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery!

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks to all for your kind thoughts for healing. I'm doing fine this morning and am going to kick back today.

    These photos and sharings (for those cameraless) are fabulous! Jundo: Where the heck heckies were *you? Atop a mountain in Japan???

    I was wondering what y'all experienced having to stop for a moment in the middle of your schedules and doings to observe your life through a lens? What made you choose the part of your environment you photographed?

    Mensch wrote: I‘ve been thinking about some Zen gibberish on impermanence, memory and the like. Bullshit – there is just stuff before your eyes. Sometimes sad, always wonderful stuff.


    In Gassho~


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    I've got a lousy head cold. At 3pm Wednesday I was making tea and opening a fresh box of tissues.

    Very very boring!

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    awww...feel better, Paige! (Love the mug!)

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    Thanks Lynn! I caught cold babysitting my sister's kids last weekend. The good news is that it gave me the chance to snarl You make me sick! at a helpless infant.

    The baby's totally recovered by now - I'm still just a little bit sniffly.

    Hope you're better! That book in your photo is one of my favourites.

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    How would folks feel about doing this again this week @ a different time of the day?
    any interest?


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    Sure, just tell us the time and date. :-)
    I was going to suggest that we do it every week at certain day, but at least I have such a fixed schedule that I pretty much know what I'm doing weekdays from 9am to 5-7pm and most of that time I cannot take a photo easily.

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    hmmm how about evening say 7pm (7pm for your time zone) perhaps wednesday(November 28 )?

    Ill start a new thread for it tomorrow if that time and date is okay.


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    Il see what I can do.

    I like this game. Haha

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    How do you post pics on here? I can't even get it to take one for my avatar, much less post one.[/img]

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    Hi Karl,
    Check out Jundo's FAQs on the main forum page. It tells about creating your avatar.
    I use for my photos. You have to post the pic to their site then embed a link to it in your post on the forum.

    Good luck,

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    Beaucoups thanks, Bill!

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    Whoah!! THAT is WAY too big!! LOL Let's attempt again...

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    Hi there,

    You only need this bit between the img tags:

    Quote Originally Posted by KvonNJ

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    Plankton, your picture address is not a hard-coded URL pointing to a specific file (like "") but includes parameters that are interpreted by the hosting server. For direct linking to pictures photopic requires special routines, see:

    I'd rather switch to a dedicated hosting service. A very simple, fast, flexible and reliable one is Euroupload. The interface is German only but foolproof:

    • Pick duration of hosting from 7 days to eternity.
    • Press "Datei auswählen" to select picture file from your hard disc.
    • Check terms of use read (which only say they delete porn and guarantee for nothing).
    • Press "Bild hochladen" to start upload.
    • Retrieve image URL with prepared tags, trim off advertising link if necessary.

    Keep in mind that the forum software displays large pictures at reduced preview size but browsers have to load the hole picture every time. So keep them at reasonable size especially in longer photo threads.


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    Aha Great thanks Mensch that's much easier. I managed to get my avatar sorted too

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