Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering who on the Forum still can be with us for the live Retreat tomorrow (or the recorded version)?

Of course, I would do the Retreat even if for one other person, or all alone ... After all, we have no goals or quotas in our Practice! But I'd like to know, and to ask participants to write me after with their impressions and any comments for improvement (nothing to improve, and no problems of course, but I do want to improve things for next time).

Keith, and other good friends from Florida, will be joining me 'in person'. I have also received emails from several people not active on the Forum who will be sitting with us. So, I am anticipating that we will have a couple to a few dozen people (in maybe 9 countries)!

If you have thought about it, not too late to join, by the way ... :-)

Gassho, Jundo