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Thread: Who's Sitting the Retreat Tomorrow?

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    Who's Sitting the Retreat Tomorrow?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm just wondering who on the Forum still can be with us for the live Retreat tomorrow (or the recorded version)?

    Of course, I would do the Retreat even if for one other person, or all alone ... After all, we have no goals or quotas in our Practice! But I'd like to know, and to ask participants to write me after with their impressions and any comments for improvement (nothing to improve, and no problems of course, but I do want to improve things for next time).

    Keith, and other good friends from Florida, will be joining me 'in person'. I have also received emails from several people not active on the Forum who will be sitting with us. So, I am anticipating that we will have a couple to a few dozen people (in maybe 9 countries)!

    If you have thought about it, not too late to join, by the way ... :-)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hello Jundo!

    I will be with you guys tomorrow.
    Hope that internet doesnt make any problems. looking forward to it.


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    Ill be present tomorrow.


    *Apparently there will be 2 of me present :lol: ugg sorry for the double post.

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    My aircard is the only connection I have at home and it doesn't carry the video very well at all. I'll sit in my office (silently chanting). Not sure if I'll be live or well preserved.

    Jim "Leaf"

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    Akkkk...Can't make it. We work at the Oregon Food Bank second Saturday of the month which means Sunday is catch-up day for house and family. If I get my day off on Wed. then I will try the recorded version. Thanks to all for making this available.

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    I have made all the proportions, jazzing up my sitting corner with all the required materials, including my old laptop computer placed on my alter (butsudan?). I can now receive the Treeleaf from my sitting corner (in my living room) rather than only in my cluttered computer room. Fancy! lol.

    I will however have to respectfully bow out at 3pm tomorrow. I will have to try the complete retreat another day.

    I look forward (without looking forward :wink: ) to tomorrow.

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    I'm up in the air. I'll definitely be sitting with you guys for an hour or so tonight. I might sit the retreat during the night. If not I'll be sitting on Sunday.

    G, W

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    I'll be there.. err... here.... umm... yeah

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    I'm planning to sit with everyone. Putting my oryoki set together tonight and checking out

    Thank you Jundo for making this available to us!


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    I'm planning on sitting the retreat tomorrow. Unfortunately, my dog is very sick and need to take him to the vet. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend live. . . otherwise I might start a little later.

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    Sick dogs are Practice too. I hope the little fellow gets better.

    We'll hold him in our good thoughts during the part of the chant for those who are sick ...

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Thanks Jundo, I appreciate that very much.

    take care,


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    I won't be able to attend the whole Zazenkai live, but I hope to get a chance to drop in for a peek. I'm looking forward to the on-demand version though. Good luck and best wishes to everyone attending live!


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    Hi Folks!

    I'll be there.



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    It's official, I won't be attending live today, my dog is doing no better. So I'll be taking him to the Vet, instead. I'm still going to try and participate "On demand", sometime this weekend.

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    I'll be sitting the full retreat starting Sunday morning (China time).


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    I sat until after the first Dharma talk. I had to go pick up my step-son from an activity then had too much going on in the house. Jundo, there was sound during the Oryoki. I just had to turn up the volume. then when you said you were turning on the sound it got real load again, so it was not completely muted.

    I enjoyed the part I sat for and will definitely repeat beginning to end soon

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