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Thread: Alright. Let's see those butsudans.

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    Alright. Let's see those butsudans.

    Do you have one?

    That Buddha statue is "supposedly" 400 years old.


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    Voila! The statue is a carefully selected piece from a local Korean supermarket. :wink:

    Gassho, Mensch

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    How are pictures uploaded into posts?

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    So, you just have like sort of a hand on a table with the little guy. Cool.


    I'll also add something to Harry's. If you want to add a couple of photos or some text. Sometimes The [img]will%20go%20add%20the%20end.%20So%20just%20type%20[img]%20before%20the%20image%20link%20and[/img] after it. Your image should be on the web as well. I use


    Gassho Will

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    Ah, thanks guys. My problem was that I have no photos on the net. I will look up that site Will.


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    Aha! It works... Here we go.

    It is simple, yet recently retrofitted to be 'high tech' for Saturday’s retreat (as high tech as my old Win98 lappy that is).

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