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Thread: What music do you listen to?

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    What music do you listen to?

    Hi guys, Just a quick post before I go to class.

    Me and Lynn have been corresponding about music for a couple days. I'm wondering what music you guys like to listen to.


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    Rock, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Ethnic Music, Anime Music(which is often a combination of all of the above), some Hip Hop, and on rare occasion Country

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    Outside of the stuff I use in my teaching (mostly music from the common-practice period of music) here are some of my favorites:
    The Bad Plus
    Brad Mehldau
    Herbie Hancock
    Chick Corea
    Steely Dan (Becker and/or Fagen solo as well)
    Miles Davis (the 60s quintet with Hancock, Williams, et al)
    The Beatles
    Paul Simon
    Bruce Hornsby (his new jazz record is really great -- yes, it's an actual jazz record)
    Lyle Lovett
    Etienne DeRocher
    McCoy Tyner
    Little Feat


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    Sorry Rev. I should of said what groups, Cds, musicians etc...

    Do you teach in a school Bill? Some good musicians in your list.

    Currently, I'm going through the free download section of Badman records:

    A couple of my favs on the page so far :

    Hayden: Bass Song ... 6_bass.mp3

    Kyle Andrews: get mad ... et_mad.mp3

    Eric Metronome


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    Hi, Will.

    Yeah, I teach at Maryville College in eastern Tennessee--teaching music theory, ear-training, jazz improvisation, ethics, and some other interdisciplinary courses. My professional gigs are mostly jazz things.
    I'm always interested in new music --I'll check out the links you listed.

    Do you play an instrument/sing?


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    Hey Bill,

    Yeah. I play various things. Mostly guitar and sampling. The new stuff I've been recording recently has singing. I studied classical guitar for about 3 years. Rock for about 20. I've ventured into chillout and a very little Jazz.


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    Hello folks!

    ....the freedom of Jazz scares me......(a quote for all those of you who may know "the mighty Boosh", the best comedy series ever in the history of sentient beings)

    Opera: Wagner, Wagner, Wagner (the Ring cycle mostly, Karajan version, though Solti has arguably more emotional depth to it, whilst Karajan is more precise) a bit of Beethoven once in a while NO Italian fluffy stuff!

    Jazz: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock

    Metal (mostly Viking, Speed, Power and Black-Metal): Amon Amarth, Bathory, Blind Guardian, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Amorphis, Nightwish...

    All the RnB and Soul from the time when these terms referred to people like Sam&Dave, Aretha Franklin etc. Why do they call it RnB these days???

    Folk, Folk, Folk...(now does Jim Croce count as folk Folk or Country?)

    at this very moment I listen to the Finnish band TENHI a lot....a bit like Sigur Ros in very deep and dark forests. And I recently discovered the great Bluegrass singer "Tim Eriksen", absolutely fantastic stuff.

    Vangelis, Peaches...NO Techno music (with some very rare exceptions)

    I absolutely loathe 90% of almost all the mainstream pop-music these days. I've never been a huge Rap and Hip-Hop fan, but I do have a very soft spot in my heart for the Wu-Tang Clan and the Beastie Boys.

    Nuff said. Gassho,


    P.S. I didn't mention some of the more local German bands I sometimes like to listen to...

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    Hang on a minute. I'm in a Jazz Trance...

    Whew. Thanks Hans. I'll check some of that out.


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    i am down with a variety of music, but my current playlist contains:

    tragically hip, blind melon, alice in chains, queens of the stoneage, sublime, beastie boys, led zepplin, pink floyd, winter sleep, matt mays, sex pistols, system of a down, rage against the machine, beatles, nofx, cypress hill, daft punk, ac/dc, g n' r, aerosmith, portishead, queen, cake,moby, neil young, tool, metallica, pearl jam, sloan, beck, sound garden, stone temple pilots, janis joplin, jimmy, mad season, gord downy, fat jebus, radio head, primus, squirrel nut zippers, and some odd old country now and then.


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    I have a lot of favorites... I'm currently listening to:

    of montreal (the Sunlandic Twins )
    the chemical brothers
    metallica (mainly master of puppets and garage days '87, I can't handle anything newer)
    the Teddybears
    Erika Badu
    Cherebini's Requiem in C Minor
    Miles Days (50's and 60's)
    Kronos Quartet
    the Beatles (Revolver, on)
    the Legendary Pink Dots
    Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Chris Isaak
    Big Night OST
    Imagine (amnesty intl tribute)
    Ben Harper

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    I like to think of my love for music as broad. I have a huge predisposition toward any kind of music that comes from various subcultures, for example bluegrass from Appalachia, Cajun from northwest Louisianna, jazz from New Orleans, Irish folk music from, let's think, Ireland. I have been fortunate enough to write about this on various occasion which gives me an excuse to explore!
    I love Vaughn Williams, Beethoven.
    The Beatles are still in my head. Coltrane, Miles, Monk. I used to play bar jazz so Oscar Peterson is my favorite. Those days, I was introduced to Sinatra who can stylize a song better than any one.
    I enjoy Delta blues starting with Robert Johnson and continuing to the more contemporary BB and all the other Kings.
    I lived in Austin so I love me some Willie, Lyle Lovett, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Kelly Willis, Asleep at the Wheel ( I am asleep at the Dharma Wheel!) and the dusty Bob Wills.
    I cut my teeth on bluegrass so I'll mention Bill MOnroe, New Grass Revival, Hot Rize, and Alison Krauss.
    Popular bands are too many to number but The Boss is there, Pink Floyd,who I will see in two weeks!, Tower of Power, JT, I could go on.
    But my FAV is my son's band in Athens, Ga with the name of Mama's Love. They are the new hot jam band there and my son Thomas writes most all the words and music. I was pleased that I introduced him to music many moons ago, and it took. It is his passion, for good and ill.
    Thanks for the chance to think about this and reflect.
    David aka PapaDoc

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    Does your son's band have a website?


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    Lookie what I found on MySpace:

    they are really good- They definitely sound older than they look! I love 'Ragtime Rug'

    I even found I could download the whole album from iTunes: ... =264471800

    Thanks David!

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    I heard one song: Long Willie Jackson.

    They sound pretty tight. Nice. I'll definitely check out more. btw their website is:


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    oh name dropping.

    um well let's see
    Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Miles Davis, Coltraine, Charlie Parker, St. Germain, Mark Farina, Jimi Hendricks, Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers, Herbaliser, Nujabees, Jurassic 5, Gangstarr, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Flogging Molly, Kodo, Iron Maiden, Rusted Root, Chillum Brothers, Tinylite, John Williams, Devo, Anthrax, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Yoko Kano and the seatbelts, Bad Religion, White Zombie, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Unkle, Gorillas, Cypress Hill, Better Than Ezra

    Just off the top of my head.


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    Hey Rev. Are you a fan of Shibli productions?


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    Old-time country and fiddle - Folkways Anthology, French Carpenter, Ed Haley.

    and some of the new guys like Bruce Molsky, John Hartford, Tim Erikson, John Specker, Old Crow Medicine Show, Chatam County Line

    Bluegrass - Jimmy Martin ( my favorite)

    Folk Music - Woody Guthrie,

    Alternative Country / Singer Songwriters - Fred Eaglesmith, Bruce Robison, Kasey Chambers, Elvis Perkins, Kieren Kane & Kevin Welch, Uncle Tupelo, Sun Volt

    Rock - Wilco, Elvis Costello, George Harrison, The Band.

    My new favorite is thenewno2

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    Hey all,

    Music! A favorite subject. I collect records. Where to begin?

    It seems Bill and I have a lot in common when in comes to an affection for jazz. I'm a big fan of The Bad Plus, McCoy Tyner, Herbie, and Miles entire catalog (Buddha & Miles both get shrines in my apartment! :lol. John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" & "Meditations" were the only thing that kept me open-minded during my Smug Jerk Atheist days.

    As I think I've mentioned before, I'm a hip-hop junkie. I definitely like the "intelligent" stuff like Common, Tribe Called Quest, Dead Prez, but I have a problematic love for decidedly misogynistic groups like 8Ball & MJG, Jay-Z, etc. There are serious contradictions in someone espousing compassion while listening to materialist rap that degrades women, I know. I have difficulty with it, and struggle with it on a daily basis.

    I'm a big fan of soul & funk. Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Joe Tex, James Brown. I like hardcore punk and some metal (Black Flag, Napalm Death, Metallica, Slayer).

    But the list goes on and on :roll:, don't mind me...:lol:


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    what kind of music

    Hellos to all:

    I listen to all of it as long as it doesn't sound 'whiney' no matter what the genre, and as long as there is no gratuitous sex/violence or violent sex in it.

    I wish I could understand lyrics better--but then again, maybe it's just as well...
    I'm probably not getting full enjoyment of some songs, while enjoying others more than I might if the words were available to me!

    Live is my personal belief that we human beings were meant to make music: play instruments and jam with each other, which I think is the perfect way to learn to be fully human. Sadly, I never learned to play an instrument, but my son did get lessons when little, stopped, and came back to it.
    Through his closed door I hear the most wonderful music for hours on end.
    It is wonderful.


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    I was a Buddhist punk before they were popular!!


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    So what are you now Paige?

    Live is my personal belief that we human beings were meant to make music: play instruments and jam with each other, which I think is the perfect way to learn to be fully human
    It's actually interesting. I saw a recent interview with a master classical guitar tuner. He said something like the best microphone can only pick up a small fraction of what the human ear can.


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    One I forgot to add to my list that I should kick myself over- The Moody Blues.

    Shibli productions doesn't ring a bell. Pass along a link and I'll definitely check it out.

    I agree that the human animal is hardwired for music. I might even argue that the universe itself has a musical foundation. It's also interesting to note the connection music has to spirituality. I think a lot of people have lost this connection (first and foremost being the music industry), most popular music is disposable.

    I would disagree vehemently with anyone who claims that the only real music is that with is played on traditional instruments. I don't think the tools are important, it's what the person puts into it...I think I've heard that somewhere before.

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    Greg, Will....thanks for taking the time to chase down my son's band, Mama's Love. And thanks for the comments. I'll pass along the gracious comments.
    I was just there for parent's weekend and got a chance to hear them rehearse. The picture inside the CD is set on the porch of their house, reminding me of CSN album that I grew up on. Thomas has never seen the album cover, but the similarity is eerie. They played at the Echo Project a few weeks ago.....a kind of Woodstock format. And they are here in ATL at Smith's Old Bar, a good venue that has hosted many live recordings. They are all about 20 and I am counting down the days until Thomas turns 21.
    I gave Thomas a Strat upon graduation. And he had already commandeered my cedar top Takamine, which was my road guitar. Last Christmas, I gave him my best acoustic guitar, a Taylor 714, again with a cedar top that gives it an incredible warm sound. I have never had a better day with the joy that came passing along this wonderful piece of art/craft to my son.
    Again, thanks for searching for the website of Mama's Love.
    David aka PapaDoc

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    Interesting mix of influences.

    I'm a little surprised that the Allman Brothers are not in the list of covers. Long Willie Jackson sounded like it could explode into Ramblin' Man at any second.

    Be Major is my favorite so far.

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    Thanks Rev. for giving it a listen. I agree with Allman Brothers root. Think it is definitely there. Be Major is my favorite as well. Some tasty changes.
    Can't wait to tell Thomas he has listened to by my zen brothers and sisters, speaking of the Allman Brothers!
    Thanks again everyone.
    David aka PapaDoc

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    Hey Rev

    I had the name wrong it's studio Ghibli. The director is Hiroyuki Morita.


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    I liked Spirited Away, but I wouldn't call myself a fan.

    I'm more of a Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaDoc
    The picture inside the CD is set on the porch of their house, reminding me of CSN album that I grew up on.
    Aw, they're adorable!

    Which one is Thomas?

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    Keishin wrote:
    Live is my personal belief that we human beings were meant to make music: play instruments and jam with each other, which I think is the perfect way to learn to be fully human.
    Amen Sister!
    I feel that way about most music, jazz and classical music especially. However, there are groups that are about studio experimentation--where a live version of the songs is somewhat tangential to the original spirit of the song. I'm thinking of groups like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Beck, Kraftwerk, etc. I consider these great groups, but the emphasis is not on the live creation of the music, rather a kind of sonic experiment only possible on recordings.


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    Thanks for the "aw"! It makes me feel very old to see the coeds go crazy at the concerts....I told Thomas that he is living my dream, which is actually reliving my dream as I enjoyed the fruits of band labor many moons ago. My time in bands was merely good fun and a way to make a little money. This is Thomas' life and his passion. I admire him for it. As a protective parent, I am learning to let him go, as rough as I know the music industry to be.
    In answer to your question, Thomas is the one in the lotus position. Seriously, he is in the center of the porch picture. Thanks for asking.
    David aka PapaDoc

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    ok I stumbled across this while goofing off this evening.

    This cat is absolutely amazing.[/video]]

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    The scratching is cool.

    I haven't seen much of this, but Roxorloops seems pretty good too[/video]]


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    Elvis, Jimmy Buffett, and lots and lots of Grateful Dead.

    Also listen to some other folk and jam bands. Big Pete Seeger fan, and I listen to a bunch of Donna Jean and the Tricksters lately (That's the Zen tricksters, now teamed up with Donna Godchaux, formerly of the Grateful Dead.)

    When I'm alone in the house, I listen to some Jazz, mainly Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, and Miles.

    And, of course, being a massage therapist, I spend a lot of time listening to (or absorbing) relaxation/ambient music, most often with Asian themes.

    Other than that, I play several instruments, so I listen to my own playing just about daily.

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    CD's I picked up today:

    The middle one is Thurston Moore (trees outside the academy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KvonNJ
    Big Pete Seeger fan,
    Ewww... sorry Karl, but I can't be your friend anymore.

    Joking of course! Really, I just wanted an excuse to post this Venn diagram of music snobbery:

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