Hello everyone!

I would like to start this thread to use as an adjunct resource to Jundo's instructions for the upcoming retreat. Before posting your suggestions I would like to request that you have read through Jundo's info first so that what you might post doesn't seem in contradiction to the way Jundo is leading us through this.

Some of us have had experience with sessin and I thought I would be nice to share some of the tips that have helped you through! I've been delighted in the past to have this kind of help and would love to spread the wealth.

Here are a couple of my faves:

1. SITTING: Now that I am officially old as dirt, with fossilizing bones, I have learned to use every other (or every new) sitting period to change the type of form I use. Thus, one sitting I use the zafu, the next a chair, the next a bench. I do this even if I am not currently experiencing discomfort in the current form. I have used this to keep pain from becoming a distraction from my meditation. Some pain is fine and normal for most people and, even with this tip, I know that I will still get tired, fatigued, and I'll want to shift and slump and stir. But this is just what I do to keep real harm from encroaching.

2. SLEEP AIDS: Not the kind that help you *to sleep, the *from it! I don't care what time of day sitting occurs for me, I will always find drowsiness near at hand. I have certainly done many, many periods of sleeping meditation. ops: I use breath counting, deep breathing, and just shifting my gaze upward to open my eyes more fully as counter-active measures. If I am *really having trouble I will get up very quietly and stand just behind my cushion as still as possible. (JUNDO: Would this be acceptable if someone is having real trouble?)

3. FOOD: Just an offering of a couple of things that I love: fruit salad light on acidic fruits, and fried rice. Either of these are modifiable to add protein: yogurt and or nuts for the salad; tofu bacon, eggs for the fried rice. YES! I have a recipe for tofu bacon that is unbelievably awsome. Glad to share it if you like!

What's in your bag o' tricks?

In Gassho~