OOOOOOOK! Remember that the first rule of conduct on this forum is to be KIND, eh? :P I couldn't figure out how else to get help but to post this here.

I'm no newbie to computer whatsits but I am having one deeeevil of a time trying to get my picture down to the 6kb limit in order to upload it for my avatar offering. No problem getting it to the 80x80 pixel size, it's just that it won't drop down below 10.5kb.

Anyone got any hints or suggestions on this? I've even tried dropping the resolution to 100 dpi but it looks so BAAAAADDDD that I wouldn't upload it if it made the cut so I'm trying to keep the 300dpi rez.

In order to keep the bandwidth of the forum free from spammy and un-zenny issues please PM me with your thoughts and suggestions.

Right...over and out! (and manymanymany thanks!)