Hello to all!

Just a quick howdy to everyone! I finally took the leap out of e-Sangha to look at these pages and find myself delighted and excited to be here. What a beautiful and innovative site and sangha opportunity, Jundo! I look forward to participating as much as possible as I am bereft of physical sangha where I live.

Me in a nutshell:

I have been practicing Soto Zen buddhism for the past 11 years and spent three of those (2001-2004) in a monastery training to become a priest. I found out how infinitely better suited I am as a lay practioner and now live in Washington state. I am a nurse and do hospice and in-home senior care.

Long ago and far away (Eugene, OR) I raised two boys who are now 25 and 27. My eldest is currently serving his second tour in Iraq...and doesn't *that just mess with a mother's head! :P The other one is safely ensconced in some cave in Missoula, MT and swears he isn't coming out until Noam Chomfsky becomes president. Yes. He's serious.

Oh...and...I have four cats. I'm sure that says something about me but I don't quite know what. :roll:

[close nutshell]

Right! Looking forward to interacting with as many of you as possible as time goes by.

In Gassho -