Hello all, New to the forums here and still new to buddhism. I hope to post more once ive gotten a bit up to speed. Jundo was kind of enough to answer some questions Ive had and ive been watching the sittings @ work during lunch .

A bit about myself:
Im 31, married, with a one and a half year old wonder Sienna. i live in rural New Brunswick, (Canada). i came to buddism back around May of this year and have been trying on my own to practice. i have been kinda doing a mishmash of different practices together and i figured id better get my self grounded so i wouldnt be running in circles, so to speak. i still have MUCH to learn Looking forward to getting to know you all here.
i frequent a couple of other sites as well (e-sanga is one of them and thanks to a post from a forum member there i ended up here )