Hi Folks,

I am happy that Jundo is focusing on the 4 Noble Truths on the Leaf. I particularly like how he's distilling them down to help make them applicable to everyday life.

His "version" (for lack of a better word) seems very different from Nishijima Roshi's "take" on the 4 Noble Truths. No problem there, of course. Nishijima sees them as 4 different ways of looking at reality, which he calls "Four Philosophies and One Reality." If you’re not familiar with it, here is a link to one of his articles:

http://www.buddhistinformation.com/thre ... _reali.htm

At first, when I read Nishijima books, I was really enthralled with this teaching, however I am less so now. Not meaning to be too critical, I now think that perhaps Nishijima over thinks it all. I still think it's an interesting way of looking at the 4 Noble Truths, but I simply appreciate Jundo's effort in making it so down-to-earth and practical.

Mis dos centavos.