Well hello, I'm another new Jim here and just want to introduce myself. I've been sitting on my own (on and off) for about 13 years now. I've "flirted" with some sanghas but never really found a home due to schedules and distances. The last week or so I've been sitting along with Jundo and lurking here on the board and felt compelled to join. The daily sits have really been helping me with the discipline needed to practice, and the forum appears to have great spirit and sense of community.

The talk of working toward a cyber-Jukai is very exciting and I definitely plan on participating.

My favorite podcasts are from Buddhist Geeks- http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/ I have no affiliation with the site but am a huge fan and supporter. Jundo, I'd love to see you on there sometime!

Between that site and Treeleaf I get my daily dose of dharma. What are your favorite dharma-related sites?