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Thread: Introduction - Jim

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    Introduction - Jim

    Gassho Treeleaf Sangha,

    My name is Jim. I have been lurking for awhile and decided to give my introduction today after a couple of emails with Jundo.

    I was raised Roman Catholic and went through the alienation from the RC after a divorce and remarriage. I had some major resentment over the prior relationship that was left unresolved for a few years. I felt like I was really unable to enjoy my great job and my wonderful family life. As a result of my apparent and unreasonable unhappiness, a friend recommended “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

    I got the audio version and listened to it several times. The book really helped me to begin seeing what I was doing to myself. However, there seemed to be something still missing in my life which was spirituality. I can’t say I completely agree with everything Tolle says but I have to give him credit for putting me on a much better path. I knew enough about different world religions to see the Buddhism in Tolle’s book.

    From Tolle I started researching Buddhism more. I was particularly attracted to the simplicity of Soto Zen. I began sitting Zazen and can’t describe the effect on my life. I have not found one thing about Soto Zen and Buddhism I can really take issue with. Zazen and the Precepts have brought a mental toughness out in me that I’d lost a long time ago somewhere along the way.

    There is no Soto group close to me, so I am alone except for the resources and teachings on the Internet. I would love to start a sitting group in my area one day but I am certainly not to that point yet. For now, my practice is very private and personal. Only my wife and my oldest daughter know what I am doing.

    I’m glad Jundo has done this on the Internet and I will begin posting some. I think the idea of a “Cyber-Jukai” is very exciting and would be a great learning experience for this community.


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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome aboard.


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    Hello Jim!

    Another welcome from Germany. Willkommen.



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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to Treeleaf!


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    Welcome Jim, and thanks for sharing your story.

    Best regards, Helena

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    Hello Jim


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    Hello Jim,
    Glad to have you here


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    Welcome Jim, nice to meet you.

    I hope you find the treeleaf a fruitful place to hang out.

    Best Wishes and Gassho,

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    Hi, Jim. Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    See you around,

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    Jun 2007
    Wherever the next mediation is. Every now and then I make it back to Norfolk, England.
    And another welcome from me. Thanks for posting your "story" too.



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    Hi Jim, welcome to Treeleaf from me as well. I like Tolle's work too but I think he is a bit weak on the practical side. He seems to think we should be able to 'get it' just by reading his books or listening to his CDs. This is probably because he had some sort of enlightenment experience without having to spend any time in meditation.


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    Thanks Everyone

    For the welcome. Continuing to enjoy reading the discussions and following The Leaf. Avatar added!


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    Belated welcome

    The Jukai should be cool. The retreat will also be interesting.


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    Hello Jim!

    Glad to meet you.

    I don't know who Eckhart Tolle is - I feel so ignorant! Another New-Agey guru type?


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