Hellos to all:

I guess I'm not a treeleafer, nor am I a treeleafer leaver--just what am I?
I've never considered Jundo to be my teacher (just as Gudo Nishijima Roshi is not my teacher), but I certainly regard them both as venerable teachers, and I learn from them, and a multitude of others who teach me, whether they are 'teachers' or not. I am lucky to be able to attend a weekly sitting group with a teacher.
So what am I doing here, at Treeleaf Zendo? Well, because it's here. Because I can. When I want some conversation 'now and zen.' Because this site is carefully monitored to keep out riffraff, one is able to hold a decent conversation, and one is able to pick up old conversations and continue them--I enjoy and appreciate that.
The insights and information and experiences shared here are of top caliber and reflect the sincere efforts of those who participate in forum discussions. Isn't that the point of a sangha-- to encourage each other's practice? If I had to explain what I am here, I guess I'd say I consider myself more a 'guest' of this sangha than a sangha member. But this is not a unique experience for me--I've sat sesshins and parts of sesshins as a 'guest' of other zendo's led by teachers who weren't 'my' teacher.
I have found it good to be exposed to different styles/approaches, at least, that has been my experience--even when sitting for a while (2 years) with a teacher I did not fundamentally agree with--I could still sit zazen with him--and I learned profoundly from the experience of staying and being of service to him and to the sangha I was a part of.
I'd like to think that sharing my odd assortment of various experiences is helpful in some way to others here. If not, I would best serve all by keeping still.
So I guess my question is: Is there a place at the Treeleaf Zendo for persons, such as myself, who have a teacher and sit elsewhere, to come for conversation and the sharing of experiences? It does not appear that my approach to practice runs counter to Jundo's (I'd best let Jundo address that himself!)
I would like to sew a rakusu with all of you, but I will not be taking Jukai with Jundo.
Would I be allowed to participate in precepts discussions?

When I first stumbled upon the Treeleaf website I was amazed and delighted.
It is intriguing to me--the concept of a cyber zendo--I am deeply grateful to Jundo for the huge and constant amount of time and effort in creating, managing and maintaining this growing community. It is fitting in these new uncharted waters that Jundo be recognized as founding a lineage of his own.

So, cap'n Jundo--permission to come aboard on occasion?

keishin (a deck hand of sorts)