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Thread: treeleafers blog?

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    treeleafers blog?

    Hello all,

    How many of you guys blog? I'd like to have the ability to keep up with everyone, perhaps share thoughts on contemporary issues, all that good stuff. You can catch me here:


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    I have Jordan, Gregor and Harry on my blogroll (they all write so insightfully, I feel unserious by comparison!), but I was curious if there was anyone else.

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    well, it's really not a blog, just a bunch of pictures... but

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    Bloggin' good clean fun aye?

    Just takes up too much time, I look forward to checking out everybody's sites.



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    I just killed my blog, whenever I start up another one I'll let ya'll know

    take care,


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    I am so sorry to hear that you have killed your blog. I have a lot of appreceation for blogs that have a "real person" feal to them.
    I hope it is only temporary.


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    Yeah I'm sorry. I'm just at a point right now where I think my practice and approach to Buddhism has been too centered on the blogging, so I felt it necessary to burn it down and start over with something new.

    Not the first time I've done this, lol. I'll probably start another blog soon but not sure if it will be about Buddhism --- I just need to wait until a good idea comes to me.

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    No appologies nessesary. I have thought about just pressing the delete button more than once on mine.


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    I have started another blog . . . Its a general blog not necessarily about Buddhism, I think it will contain various topics.

    I'm thinking about bringing my original blog back, Entering the Path, but need to work on obtaining the domain name and hosting first.

    Here is the link

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    I started a blog. Hopefully I will be able to journalize my sitting, experiences, and thoughts related to Zen. May not be able to keep up with it but I wanted to try.

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    Cogito, ergo sum - I blogged, therefore I am. If anybody has a problem with it let me know. I am going to link some of the Sangha member blogs on mine.

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    Man...You folks have lottsa time. There is a saying that seems to apply..."There is always more life than time". I am impressed with what you can accomplish.

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    Time is an illusion...remember

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    HeyJim. You probably don't want to link my website. I haven't really kept it up to date.


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    Hey Will, link removed.

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    my blog has not been updated for awhile . . . I better go add something.

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