I don't usually post here to promote a particular talk on the blog, but I did write a little essay on the 'Leaf' that I think particularly useful.

http://treeleafzen.blogspot.com/2007/10 ... cviii.html

It is as close as I can come, in a few short paragraphs, to explain why I must emphasize a radical, goalless, 'non-seeking' in the form of Zazen here at Treeleaf - why I am so insistent on that. If you would like to know how Dogen's methods, and 'Just Sitting' Zazen, differ from other Buddhist schools, other forms of meditation and spiritual teachings, it is the clearest I can make it.

Please have a look at the little essay once or twice. You may get something out of it (the essay ... not the Zazen!) :-)

Gassho, Jundo