Hi, i'm a 30 years old guy from italy.

I began practicing meditation techniques something about 3 years ago.
Then, after some months, i wanted to understand if there was a meaning in what i was doing behind the relaxation factor.
I read from first zen and then about general Buddhism books ( also if the opposite would have been more sensible).

Now i'm practicing zazen twice a day with good constancy.

The day before yesterday i bought ear caps like these http://snipurl.com/1s48b because my bedroom (the place where i do zazen) is sometimes noisy despite it remains the best place i ever found for my practice.

They reduce a lot of the noise but do not make you totally deaf, i think this is good because in zazen we don't want to cut off ourselves from the world of senses even if a quite place is useful to reach and maintain awareness , isn't it?

Does anybody use something like this?

Anyway i hope much time of practice all together in this e-zendo.