Hi everyone,
My first post on this forum, but not the last one. Despite the fact that I currently live in Tokyo where there are many opportunities to sit, I believe this cybersangha fits me best. One reason is that I don't speak Japanese, another reason is that my schedule is pretty full and - worse - changing all the time.

I'm pretty new to buddhism and zen although I believe I read my first book about Zen 25 years ago - Alan Watts/The Way of Zen. But until very recently the interest has been mostly theoretical. Now, I'm trying to "just sit" once every day...
To be frank I'm still not sure zen is my cup of tea, the Theravada tradition is also very interesting. On the other hand, the zen simplicity and focus on sitting are attractive. So, we'll see how it goes.

I will probably have a lot of "theoretical" questions - about to post the first one in a few minutes. Hopefully I can also contribute to the discussions and not only pester you folks with questions...

When I don't work or sit, I try to walk - hence my username. In the mountains/nature if possible, otherwise on streets and in parks.