When I signed up for this forum I decided to start sitting zazen. Problem is: I can't! I really try to sit in the burmese position, but I cannot get my knees to touch the ground and it feels anything but stable. It feels like all my weight rests on my ankles. I tried stacking pillows and towels under the zafu in order to raise the height, but that did not help enough either.

I don't have any medical condition, I am not overweight or old, so I don't see why I shouldn't be able to sit in this position.

I tried some stretching exercises I found here and will continue to do them (except the last one, which is impossible for me). I am hesitant to try yoga lessons because many yoga positions are not well suited for women and put too much stress on a woman's organs. I am willing to go to a yoga center and discuss the possibilities if it is necessary though.

Any other ideas?